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About Spinefulness

There is a new way to feel and look better, younger and be healthier.  Starting your Spinefulness practice allows you to transform your possibilities of flexibility, mobility, resilience, circulation, mindfulness, groundedness - at any age and for any moment of any day. 


As you practice, your posture and movement will improve.  String these moments together and live an embodied, present life:  the one you were meant to live.

Get rid of muscular - skeletal pains.  No surgery, no drug, just pain relief.  The results will surprise you.


Live the awake, embodied, and pain-free life that you were born to live.

Take your first lesson now

Learn the basic Spinefulness teaching of how to sit from NPR's health report:

To Fix that Pain in Your Back,  You Might Have To Change The Way  You Sit. 

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Spinefulness Results

Student, age 12
Out of alignment
In alignment



This student came to Spinefulness with aches and pain in her neck and lower back.  

  • Photo on the right shows a position where she can be relaxed and in her bones, and release chronic tension. 

  • In the left photo, the neck is stressed and so are the muscles in the pelvis.  Her muscles are holding her spine from more misalignment. 

Pain and tension aren't caused by sitting; 

The problem is HOW she is sitting.    

Jenn, age 48 

out of alignment
In alignment


When Jenn found Spinefulness, she was riddled with pain and tension (left photo, age 39).  Pain limited her shoulder mobility: it hurt to take off a shirt.  She winced from back pain picking up her toddler.  It hurt to sit and to drive.  Stairs hurt her knees. 


Most people believe that as we age, we are supposed to:

  • Lose height  

  • Become less flexible, mobile and strong

  • Have back and joint pain

But this is FALSE!


Chronic muscle tension causes all of the above not aging.  Eliminate chronic muscle tension and you can:

  • REGAIN height  

  • BE flexible, mobile and strong at any age

  • SHED back and joint pain​

Today, Jenn is taller, free from pain, and has increased flexibility, strength and range of motion in all her joints.  As an added bonus, she has regained height, slimmed down from a size 8/10 pant to a size 4 pant, with NO change in weight.  

Paloma, age 59 

Out of alignment
In alignment


In her 40s (left photo), Paloma suffered from chronic knee, ankle and bunion pain.  A survivor of trauma, she still did not feel at ease in her body.  She felt ungrounded and easily moved off center. 

In the center photo, at age 57, she had just begun her Spinefulness practice.  Paloma quickly became a passionate advocate of  Spinefulness for somatic healing in trauma recovery.  The calm and grounding effects of her Spinefulness practice, made it an important part of her emotional health.  In releasing somatically stored trauma, she has regained access to previously dormant areas of her system.  

Now 59 (right photo), Paloma has transformed her pain and her physique while healing her mind, spine, and spirit connection.  In her taller skeletal frame, her skin and flesh smooth out.  Her neck is longer, waist thinner, and circulation improved.  Her knee and ankle are better, her bunion is diminishing, and  her days are filled with increasingly more joy, freedom and lightness.


I have been having a nagging, chronic muscle spasm in my left glute --yes, a literal "pain in my butt"  for 3+ years.  One of the only things that has brought me relief is practicing Spinefulness.   As a primary care physician, I regularly see patients who come to the clinic complaining about chronic neck / back / buttock pain from poor spinal alignment that causes chronic tension and pain in their body.  I often recommend Spinefulness because I know it will help them.  What Jenn has to teach us is so valuable--I wish everyone knew about it.  I once saw her adjust the posture my friend who had 5+ years of neck pain in class, and her pain went away immediately.  Another example: one of my colleagues was seeing multiple practitioners for severe neck and back pain that had her taking time off from work, with minimal improvement.  I recommended she see Jenn, and she finally felt some relief.  The wonderful thing is that Spinefulness is a practice that you can do on your own, to facilitate your own healing in between appointments and classes.  The information Jenn has to share is eye-opening--even to a physician--and the practice of Spinefulness will get you more in tune with your body.   

 - Patricia Y.; Internal Medicine Physician

Ways to Experience Spinefulness

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Online Spinefulness Zoom Classes

We now offer classes on Zoom. 

Thursdays from 1:45- 2:45 pm California time (PST).

Apply principles of Spinefulness in your life and feel better: all without leaving home.

Helps with Back, Joint and Postural issues.

If you have questions please email:

before after kid.png
Private Spinefulness Assessment:
In Person or via Zoom

Come in for an assessment to understand the root cause of your chronic tension and pain.  You will leave the session with tips on how to relieve your pain now.


On-going group Practice classes.

In Person:   Wednesays at 11am -12:30 pm in Palo Alto, we offer an indoor group class limited to 8 people.  Taught by Janet Cook in Palo Alto.

Private or Semi-Private Series 

Private or Semi-Private series offers more individualized attention to find a path to relieving your pain and tension, and move you towards greater flow and flexibility.   Stop tolerating your pain and transform your body now.

Retreats & Workshops
Retreats & Workshops

Spinefulness is considering offering private workshops and teacher training in various locations.  Please reach out to if you are interested.

2024 Retreats:

Jan 6 & 7th, 2024.  Kensington, Maryland  at a private home.  Address provided upon sign up.

$600 for the two day workshop

Privates available too.  


Previous workshops included locations such as Palo Alto, Esalen Institute @ Big Sur, CA, Southern California, 

Washington DC area(Maryland),  New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri State Area.


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