@ Spinefulness Studio, Palo Alto

Our Teachers

Jenn Sherer

Jenn found Spinefulness after suffering 25 years of back, neck, knee, shoulder, & bunion pains.  She used to believe these pains and any overall body tightness was caused by aging or genetics.

Today, Jenn feels younger and stronger than she did a decade ago. She's passionate about having others discover the potential of wellness at any age. She knows that much of the musclar-skeletal aches & pains of an "aging" body doesn't have to be tolerated. She loves to give others hope & help them unwind their bodies by understanding the physics of their flesh & bone.


Jenn has a B.S. in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University and is a student of the anatomy and energy of the spine.

Janet Cook 

Janet was first introduced to Spinefulness (then called Balance) in the late 1990's. For her, Spinefulness explained the regal alignment and effortless movement she had witnessed during her world travels. She applied the practice to level her pelvis, extend her spine and reducing the awkwardness and curvature produced by her scoliosis.  


Janet has a BS in textile design from Auburn University is also a license Certified Massage Practitoner. She had a career in project management in pharmaceutical product development before she turned to the healing work of Spinefulness and massage and this spinal journey which has changed her life-physically, emotionally and spiritutally.

Catharina Vedrine

Catharina was first introduced to Spinefulness in 2013. As an engineer and PhD in physics, the importance of aligning our bodies with gravity made immediate sense to her. After all, a wall not aligned with gravity is under constant stress – why would it be any different for our bodies?  Spinefulness did not only appeal to her intellect. It turned out to be the perfect practice for her to truly reconnect with her body.

Catharina has trained extensively with Jenn Sherer and Jean Couch, as well as with several French teachers, including Aplomb founder Noelle Perez. She completed her teacher training in 2018, and is eager to spread Spinefulness to anybody who wants more body awareness and relaxation in their life.