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I used to say, "it hurts to be me," a lot.  I don't say that anymore.   

 -Brendan Busch- Competitive Sailor, High Performance Skier, Program Manager  

  (Testimonial after 5 private sessions)

Spinefulness has given me the tools to do what I love without injuring myself and live to my full potential. 

-Molly Tuttle, Award winning Blue Grass Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist.

Spinefulness allows me to trust my back again. 

-Steve Dostart, Real Estate Developer

Essential learnings for a pain-free life. 

-Meredith C. , Google Marketing Strategist

My back pain improved dramatically in just 5 days. 

-Jeff Weiler, Esalen Seminarian 

Not to be missed. Spinefulness is a foundation for increased vitality and awareness of your physical body.   

-Jenn Church, Acupuncturist

I highly recommend Spinefulness for anybody who wants to bring more relaxation, ease, and lightness into their life. The Intro and Foundation classes are incredible eye-openers, as to how disconnected most of us have become from our bodies. Everybody should take the class! The expert hands of Jenn release muscle tension, relieve pain, guide students to new sensations, and put them on the path to freedom. I find Spinefulness the ultimate body awareness practice. It helps me to truly connect with my body. As a result, I am more present and relaxed in my daily life.  


- Catharina Vedrine, Engineer and Physics Phd. 

I suffered from horrible chronic back pain for ten years. I have spent countless hours consulting and being treated by every type of doctor or therapist you could think of. My quest for a pain free back, led me to Spinefulness. Jenn Sherer, my Spinefulness instructor, changed my life and gave me the ability to live pain free. When I met Jenn, I was having 30-40 back spasms a night and I was taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen 4 times a day just to get through the pain of what was then a “normal” day. My reality was a living nightmare. By practicing Spinefulness, I eliminated all my spasms, and could sleep through the night for the first time in a decade. Spinefulness also eliminated my dependency on ibuprofen. I currently take no medication. Additionally, I am a golf professional who for ten years could not play the game I love. I now play pain free. I encourage everyone to seek out Spinefulness and Jenn Sherer. Spinefulness will get you out of pain and get you on a path to a better, healthier, active life. 


-Don Allio, PGA Golf Instructor

This review is so overdue. This place and the teachers here are just AMAZING! I am a massage therapist at Google and I haven't seen anything in the last 10 years that compares to this technique. It is simple and just makes sense because it is ANATOMY! Seriously, I don't know how I wasn't taught this in school and how inaccurately I have been taught. Just a few things I have experienced since starting 6 months ago. 
1. The inflammation and extra tissue in my lower back and sacral area are gone! No more pain! And I am sleeping better too. The lengthening techniques and positioning of the pelvis feels so good. I do them every time I sit, stand and lay down. :) Then with my clients, I simply position their pelvis and their lower back (QLs) will release and I can get some more good work done with trigger point technique. 
2. As I was practicing spinefulness in church one day, I was singing and low and behold... my vibrato came back so beautifully. I haven't had the ease of pitch and clarity of tone since high school. It felt so easy. Didn't expect that, but it just makes sense that if you stack your weight into your bones, your muscles relax and then the breath just does the work.  
3. Lastly, chronic upper back pain and tightness. Sound familiar? Who doesn't have some knots in their traps or rhomboids or both? Once I knew how to stack my spine, the arms came next and when you can set your shoulder in the girdle (scapula and clavicle) in a balanced way, your traps and upper back muscles just let go! It is crazy. But also not crazy because we are designed to have our bones support our weight and when they actually do, our muscles can neutralize. And what does that mean for you? Less pain! I teach this to all of my clients who are willing to learn. 
These techniques and classes are for everyone. Seriously, bring the whole family. 
If you are a massage therapist, they are also NCBTMB approved! Get your next CEUs done here! :) Provider number #670 


-Adreeanna Thompson , Massage Therapist 

The most profound thing for me is that I now can sit COMFORTABLY!!! 

-Dani Clauss, Nurse 

Highly informative.  I've been looking for something to fix my posture for years, and I haven't found anything, until now. 

-Carston Johannsen 

I have been in pain for a long time.  A lot of times, I wake up in pain- intense pain at my temples. I have been tried acupuncture, massage, acupressure, cupping, pills, stretching and exercise as pain remedies.  They all give me temporary relief and I would be back to my previous states in a couple of days.  Spinefulness helped me addresses the root cause of my pain problem.  I have had bad posture for years.  I strongly believe that is that the chronically tight muscles protecting the mis-aligned joints of my bad posture are causing my pain and suffering, since all my muscles are over working on holding my body.  With Spinefulness, I can feel the alleviation of my pain day by day and that is what I look to forward everyday. 

- Kelvin Poon, Electrical Engineer

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