Starting your Spinefulness practice allows you to transform your possibilities of flexibility, mobility, resilience, circulation, mindfulness, groundedness - at any age and for any moment of any day. 


As you practice, your posture and movement will improve.  String these moments together and live an embodied, present life:  the one you were meant to live.

Get rid of muscular - skeletal pains.  No surgery, no drug, just pain relief.  The results will surprise you.


Age 12

This student came to Spinefulness with aches and pain in her neck and lower back. 

  • Photo on the right shows a position where Karen can be relaxed and in her bones, and release chronic tension. 

  • In the left photo, the neck is stressed and so are the muscles in the pelvis.  Her muscles are holding her spine from more misalignment.   


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Learn at home or on the go!

Spinefulness has given me the tools to do what I love without injuring myself and live to my full potential. 

- Molly Tuttle; Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter 

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